Although Santorini is famous for its Caldera of unparalleled beauty and its famous volcano, it also boasts some of the most beautiful and exciting beaches in the Aegean Sea. Crystal clear waters, sand-colored by the island's volcanic soil, and unique landscapes make up the scenery. On the island, you can find beaches for every mood or taste, beaches with "intense" activity, where there is plenty of fun and water sports for the more adventurous, but also quiet and secluded beaches for the more relaxed who wish to enjoy their dives in peace and quiet. Most of the island's beaches are accessible by road or alternatively by boats with frequent schedules to transport holidaymakers. Whichever beach you choose for your dives, it is certain that you will be thoroughly impressed by its natural beauty and the "Santorini" air it exudes! 

The unique beach of Perissa is located at the base of the mountain that separates Perissa from Kamari. It is about 13 km from Fira, the island's capital, and is easily accessible by car or bus. The black volcanic lava, the sandy seabed, and the deep blue of the waters are breathtaking. Perissa beach is one of the largest and most famous beaches in Santorini. It is fully organized, with bars, restaurants and water sports facilities, so you can enjoy moments of relaxation anytime.

Just 3 km from Perissa lies Perivolos Beach, which is the ideal choice for music and beach bar lovers. The fun starts from midday and continues until sunset! The beach has a "lively" life, as a complement to the nightlife of the island, where every day you can enjoy a music or dance event! The beach is fully organized with bars, restaurants, and small shops.

Kamari beach is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini and has been awarded the Blue Flag in the southeast of the island. It is located in the seaside village of Kamari, 10 km away from Fira. Kamari beach is one of the most extensive beaches in Santorini. The black sand combined with the blue color of the sea creates the ideal setting. The area offers stunning scenery, especially when the rock is illuminated at night. The beach is fully organized with bars, restaurants, and small shops. It is easily accessible by both public transportation and private car.

Red Beach
At a distance of about 14 km from Fira is one of the most popular, world-famous beaches of Santorini. The Red Beach lies behind a series of lava monoliths. A beach of rare beauty with a unique morphological character and dark blue crystal clear waters that compose a landscape of unparalleled beauty is an attraction for many travelers. The beach is not organized, but there are small canteens for the necessary supplies. Since the beach is a creek, it is not very windy, and the waters are always calm. Access to the beach is either by car, public transportation, or by boat from Akrotiri, Kamari, or Perissa. 

Vlychada Beach
A beach that makes the visitor feel as if they are starring in a science fiction movie, just 11 km from Fira. Volcanic rocks and lunar landscapes create an unreal, breathtaking atmosphere. The beach is vast, with black sand, pebbles, and deep waters. There are few sunbeds available, but the largest part of the beach is not organized. At the beach's eastern end, there is a picturesque harbor where the traditional boat dock and the island's transport does not have access to it, making it more peaceful and isolated. 

Caldera Beach
A beach with black sand, pebbles, and a rocky bottom, but windless, as there are no strong winds. The rocks that emerge from the blue waters are remarkable and fascinate every visitor. The beach is not fully organized, but some cafes and restaurants are around. It is accessible by a short descent where the dives are combined with the volcano that stretches across and exudes a unique feeling. The beach is relatively secluded and is ideal for couples.

White Beach
White Beach is located in the southeastern part of the island, 14 km south of Fira, and is very close to Red Beach. Its white color contrasts with the dark, reddish, or ochre shades on the island's other beaches. It is not fully organized but has a canteen where visitors can get water and other items, as well as umbrellas and sunbeds since there is no natural shade on the beach. White beach is accessible by one of the boats, either from the Akrotiri area or the neighboring Red Beach.