Santorini is an island that combines everything: calm and relaxed moments, a cosmopolitan air, intense nightlife, entertainment, as well as great places to visit during your holidays. Apart from the unique beaches of the island, which are ideal for refreshing dives, in every corner of Santorini, there is a small piece of history and culture, making it so famous and beloved by all its visitors! Combine your relaxation and diving with a visit to memorable places on the island, such as the Volcano, the Caldera, and the famous wineries of the island, to taste excellent quality wine and learn more about its production from the hospitable winemakers. Enjoy a tour of the volcano combined with a panoramic view of the island. Walk around the famous Caldera and be enchanted by the beauty and the unique landscape that spreads before your eyes. Whatever you do, one thing is certain: the island's magic is undeniable!

One of the reasons that make Santorini so unique is its volcano. The volcano is active and was created millions of years ago. The island's shape is due to the volcanic eruptions and especially the great eruption that occurred during the Bronze Age. When the locals talk about the volcano, they mean the tiny island of Nea Kameni. In Nea Kameni, you can see steam rising from the depths of the earth. Right next to it, Palea Kameni is the island formed about 2,000 years ago. Both islets of the volcano can be visited, and one can still walk on them and reach the steams of Nea Kameni or swim in the warm waters of Palea Kameni, where sulfur is released to them a yellowish color.

Santorini Wineries
Santorini has a long and robust tradition in wine, with one of the oldest vineyards dating back 3,500 years. Due to the dry climate and the particular composition of the soil, it produces one of the unique and famous wine varieties of the Mediterranean, Assyrtiko. Other well-known varieties are Athiri and Aidani (white varieties), Mavrotragano, and Mandilaria (red varieties). The factor that has helped the development of the island's wineries is the healthy competition between producers and the island's global reputation.

The Caldera of Santorini is one of the most impressive spots on the island and globally. Its creation dates back 3,600 years ago, after the most enormous volcanic eruption. On the edge of the Caldera are several of the most famous villages of Santorini, as well as the capital of the island, Fira, a place of unparalleled beauty. Most of the hotels and residences are built underground, based on the traditional architecture and by taking advantage of the breathtaking view that Caldera provides.

Archaeological Museum in Fira
The Archaeological Museum of Thira is located near the Frankish quarter of Fira. The building where the museum is located today was erected in the 1960s, after the old museum of 1902 was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1956. The exhibition includes findings from the city and the cemeteries of ancient Thira, covering the whole spectrum of antiquity from early history to the late Roman period. Some of the most important exhibits are the Theraean amphora with geometric decoration, the relief pithos, a brilliant work of Cycladic art of the 7th century BC and the only one that survives. The museum also includes the large volcanic stone (trachyte), weighing 480 kg, which was lifted by the athlete Evmastas.